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Jeyaia No Love


Smooth soul pours through in nostalgic waves of intimacy and groove, as Jeyaia creates a crisp take on a timeless style, with the superb No Love.

Something of a slow burner thanks to its mellow groove and subtle build-up, towards what is ultimately a brilliantly timeless, simple and satisfying hook, No Love makes its way through the story and song with faultless vocals and a few humble production intricacies to give it character.

The main strengths are the writing and Jeyaia’s effortlessly fluid, expressive and soulful vocal lead. The hook in particular is, as suggested, the song’s greatest asset, but that’s largely thanks to the entire story and arrangement paving the way faultlessly towards its resolve.

No doubt inspired by the RnB hits of romantic pop-crossover from a simpler era, No Love quickly prompts listeners to forget about genre and influence altogether, and focus instead on the deeply moving, revealing and honest outpouring from Jeyaia.

At just short of four minutes, the single takes listeners on a genuine journey through the heartache and turmoil of love gone wrong. It’s relatable, accessible, yet presented in a newly detailed and contemporary way, balancing literal references and memories with the natural weight of poetic contemplation; as these moments turn to feelings of pain and breathlessness.

In short, the overall intimate vibe and sense of longing delivers a beautifully poignant summer hit. Delicate and breathy yet purposeful and emotionally heavy all at once. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to come.

Grab the single No Love here. Check out Jeyaia on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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