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Jesse Flood A Prayer For The Hunted


Creatively blending delicacy and weight with immediate instrumental distortion and gently rising, quietly expressive vocals – Jesse Flood lights up an honest and pure side of modern rock, with the uniquely reflective album A Prayer for the Hunted.

Somewhat rough around the edges vocally, the project feels authentic in its emotional venture. The guitar and drums are played and recorded faultlessly, emerging as both crisp yet muggy enough to ignite a sense of nostalgia for the grunge and hard-rock escapism of yesteryear.

Woven in amidst this is the leading voice, meandering melodies that feel intimate and uncertain, poetic and often powerful in their self-awareness and storytelling combined.

Aloner is all of this, an intriguing and hypnotic opening track, and a fine testament to the integrity and truth that will follow.

Prog-rock playing follows to light up a faster-paced yet increasingly personal Down The Road, offering an almost freestyle, near-rapped verse development as Jesse develops a relatable metaphor off of the back of individual turmoil. Enter a superb guitar solo, breaking the weight of lyrical pain, and the track effectively kicks off the bigger part of the album.

Jesse’s freestyle creativity soon feels recognisable yet consistently unpredictable as the album goes on. Consider the brightness and uplift of To Be Me Is To Know Me, a diary-style outpouring contrasting self-acceptance and struggle with clear melodic optimism. Then later, the gritty rap and metal fusion of Triad Chapters. You never know what to expect, but always the sound fits the mold or voice of the artist.

In terms of storytelling, songs like The Lunch Hour stand out for their scene-setting and third-person protagonist. And on the musical front, Climaxing Low Points delivers the indie-rock riff-lead of a nineties anthem, for an immersive moment that quickly connects. The spoken-word style furthers this, conceptually adding to the likable musicality, and promising perhaps the album’s best track .

All in all, Jesse Flood’s fearless writing and unwavering love for the freedom of music join forces to achieve a clear degree of identity, and A Prayer For The Hunted captures this well.

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