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Jeshua When I Find You (Feat. Hazel)


Songwriter and artist Jeshua has written a gorgeously heartfelt and hopeful song that speaks to the search for love in life and does so in an optimistic and comforting manner. When I Find You has been written with care, and performed with a certain soulful delicacy by both vocalists, so the vibe you get from it is consistently genuine and warming in being so.

When I Find You is essentially a pop-ballad, beginning with a simple series of piano chords and Jeshua’s own calming and quietly expressive voice. As it builds, the song gathers momentum, the energy rises, and things move conceptually from longing and sadness to optimism and positivity. The song’s hook rightfully resolves and satisfies, both musically and in terms of the conclusion it reaches lyrically.

Before this point, Jeshua’s honesty is endearing and very easy to connect with. Despite this personal touch though, the writing has been cleverly presented so as to make it accessible and inclusive of just about anyone. The details are vague enough that the song could easily become somebody else’s – that go-to moment of escapism or something to offer a little lift or mood boost when you’re feeling down about the future or the search for companionship. It’s a topic that’s relevant to almost everyone, and the song itself brings through a gentle fusion of genres but for the most part feels widely relevant as a subtle pop-rock classic.

Philippines-born singer Hazel also features on the song and her soothing voice adds a welcomed dynamic and furthers that realness and that emotional sentiment in a fitting way. Both artists share an understanding and a connection to the song, and you can hear this throughout the recording. Their faith in a higher power and indeed in the search for a soulmate keeps them united as the song progresses and evolves. A beautiful single and an easy one to enjoy or relate to.

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