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Jerry Impini Been Bad For Me (A Dueling Piano Rock Original)


A chaotically whirling Western tune, designed to get those knees up and the whole crowd dancing – lost entirely in the raw energy of the performance – Been Bad For Me is a uniquely impressive blend of country-rock and blues that’s quick to leave its mark.

Self-penned as a Dueling Piano Rock Original‚Äč, Been Bad For Me leads with fast keys and equally fast, infectious rhythms. Meanwhile, Jerry’s songwriting and smooth vocal tone add a likeable indie element to the whole thing.

The song delivers a reflection on a somewhat toxic relationship, yet it does so in a fun, classically raucous rock and roll fashion. The Americana energy shines brightly, and as the pace increases you can’t help but be swept away by it.

Jerry’s songwriting and passion alone are enough to make a song like this stand the test of time. Throw in a decidedly unique, energetic and skilful hit of breathless piano playing, and the result is something that would almost certainly create waves at a live show.

Having been featured in a plethora of blogs, and spotted rubbing shoulders with the likes of Jessica Simpson, musician and songwriter Jerry Impini is set on taking the music scene by storm in the coming months and years. His catalogue proves as impressive as the single, and this ever-growing collection of originals speaks volumes on behalf of hard-work, dedication and drive united.

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