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Jeremiah Wilson Winter Came Early That Year


As simple as it may seem when you catch it playing in the background, the set-up and musicianship on this song is brilliantly thoughtful and consistently impressive. Winter Came Early That Year is a song that presents the Jeremiah Wilson ‘sound’ in a strong way. The ambiance alone offers a gorgeous level of organic detail – the opening riff comes through with a meandering journey of its own; unlike the more commonly found three or four note riffs that make up the signature instrumental trait of so many indie releases. Underneath this, the acoustic ocean of music appears with a joyful level of colour and rhythm, so when the artist’s voice comes into play, it just fits – it adds a final layer of brightness that feels right at home.

From a songwriting perspective, the nature of this song is the sort that tells a story – poetically, honestly, with imagery and metaphor. It’s a gloriously refreshing, folk-like sense of story telling. The title alone implies a sort of peaceful reflection, though the hopefulness or optimism found throughout the song contrasts distinctly with the initial impression given by the idea of an early winter. In either case, the scene laid out satisfies and allows you to escape into the audio.

Jeremiah Wilson’s voice fits the style and sound of this type of song perfectly, making the whole thing feel very natural and authentic. You can hear quite precisely what a live show would be like, and as stated – despite the familiar warmth of the music, the comforting aura it gives off; there’s a notable level of musical detail and personality that make certain you would recognize the song should you hear it again some time soon. These little moments make all the difference. I look forward to experiencing the longer project.

Winter Came Early That Year is a song from the upcoming EP Goin’ West.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. This music reminds me of way back in the 1970’s when bands like Bread, Lobo, and many others created infectious songs with an organic, relaxed folksy vibe that seamlessly and comfortably inhabited the popular charts and radio airwaves.

    Great song!

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