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Jeralyn Glass Vibrance (Feat. The Crystal Alchemy Bowls)


Opening with a simple reference to ageless wisdom, this album of cover songs takes a decidedly unique approach to the dedicative art form, and sees artist Jeralyn Glass lead with the calming vibrational frequencies of crystal alchemy singing bowls, combined with meditation, and appropriately gentle vocals.

Vibrance begins with Peace, as Grammy® Award Winning pianist and composer Laurence Hobgood and his Trio lead the way musically, and Jeralyn’s retro yet delicate voice guides us through the jazz-kissed mood with ease.

Imagine follows, the vibrational frequencies of the crystal quickly enveloping listeners in this calming bubble of warmth and unity. The presentation, along with the spoken-word introduction, immediately invites a sense of peace, quiet, stillness, and depth of thought.

This interesting format continues throughout, with the natural frequencies setting a simple calm for the start, and the song progressing into impressively multi-layered musical realms for each unique take on a new cover.

The movement is perhaps most notable on songs like Can’t Help Falling In Love, which moves from meditative simplicity to the addictive rhythm and melody of a classic pop song, complete with a newly arranged riding bass-line and further vintage layers of organic jazz that really help put a fresh spin on things.

Other highlights include a brilliantly joyful You’ll Never Walk Alone, a smooth and uplifting Color My World, and a gentle yet rather stunning take on the infamous Landslide.

When the darkness comes, stars begin to shine…

The songs not only start up with the Vibrance calling card, but include it part way through, and often towards the very end, uniting all aspects of the sound and keeping that constant thread of healing frequencies at the forefront of the experience.

A somewhat unpredictable yet consistently enjoyable, unusual yet immersive new album, from an artist and group of musicians clearly uninhibited by industry expectation or the walls of the mainstream.

Well worth a listen if you’re looking for something a little different yet still comforting in its familiarity.

Visit Jeralyn Glass or Bongo Boy Records for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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