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Jerad Finck New Kids (SEAWAVES Remix)


Jerad Finck is making waves with his music right now and this latest release, a SEAWAVES remix of his single New Kids, is helping immensely with creating that storm.

This track is huge, beautifully delicate and breath-takingly intense at the very same time. From the offset you feel a sense of anticipation, Finck’s voice and the dreamlike ambiance go together in a hypnotic and calming way, but there’s undoubtedly an air of something bigger on the horizon. As things progress, surely enough the beat kicks in – this thick and heavy, tribal-like drum-line; seemingly increasing the pace and power of the whole journey. Meanwhile the music surrounding and supporting this fills out to become something almost EDM-like – warm synths wash over the outer edges, various vocal snippets add similar layers of further detail. And in among all of this is the song itself – the concept, the melody, and Finck’s voice; the thread of personality and depth within the composition.

The second and third times you hear this are where it really starts to lift you up. There’s something familiar about the sound now, but at the same time – it’s all still notably new and exciting; the lyrics, the build-up, the strength. The melodic development offers three separate sections, all of which vary from one another, keeping things interesting, and all of which work beautifully in reaching out to connect and offer something memorable and enjoyable.

The lyrics are almost second to all of this, but they’re crucial – the quieter lines are laid bare thanks to a clever contrast with the heavier moments, so here the lyrics really start to intrigue and captivate. There’s a story-line, a unique one, and it’s represented in a mighty way by a fine fusion of the words, the vocal delivery, and the completed mix. An absolute hit and one you’re likely to be hearing a lot more of over the coming weeks.

Stream the single on Soundcloud or Spotify. Find & follow Jerad Finck on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website. Check out Finck’s partnered Anti Gun Violence charity EveryTown.

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