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Jennifer Truesdale Need You Tonight


Big-band vibes meet with a smooth rock and roll groove for this, the opening single from Jennifer Truesdale’s brand new album Through The Circle.

Feeling like the perfect accompaniment to the incoming winter months, I Need You Tonight shuffles into the room with the comforting glow of doo-wap and the organic warmth of Americana. Multiple layers of pianos, horns, guitars, live drums and gorgeous vocals help build a soundscape and song that holds tight to your interest and maintains a powerful uplifting mood right the way through; increasingly so, actually, as the whole thing progresses.

As an introduction to the artist, this song kicks off the project and the Jennifer Truesdale sound in a mighty way. It’s close to impossible to find fault here, those classic vibes are met with a crisp and clean contemporary finish, and a songwriting edge that feels genuinely new. These lyrics paint poetic scenes around you, and meanwhile the emotional honesty – that personal, intimate touch – helps build an idea of the artist that’s easy to connect with. And in the same instance, these blissful good vibes confidently get you feeling geared up and ready to embrace the night ahead.

Lovely, a real pleasure to stumble upon, authentic and refreshing – a rightful start to an album that refuses to disappoint.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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