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Jennifer S Benson Breaking My Soul


What a beautifully huge feeling of classic soul you get from this latest song from artist Jennifer S Benson. The opening instrumentation sets a very vintage sort of jazz scene, with even so much as that reliable and retro edge that is only usually found in a timeless live performance clip. Alongside of this though, really setting the song apart from a lot of older music, is the very modern sounding electronic synth riff, filling out all of those gaps that somewhat more organic music would often leave behind.

As the leading vocal comes into play, any doubts you may have been holding onto are fairly instantly washed away. The artist’s voice is every bit as stylishly soulful as the music supporting it. The sound and the tone throughout is seductively smooth, and yet on top of this, there are some real moments of wow in the performance. Jennifer S sings with ease, with style, and with great skill and control.

The track is gentle, it’s easy to listen to, it fills the room with a mellow sort of ambiance that is calming, but at the same time there is this massive wave of power within the music. It’s a combination of the vocal skill presented by the artist, and the general way in which the music has been constructed; moving impressively from the soft and subtle, to the outright heavy and attention grabbing.

The music has been mixed brilliantly, really bringing out the very best in the artist’s vocal performance as well as in the instrumentation surrounding it. The more you listen, the more that melody pulls you in, and before long the whole track is imprinted in your memory. There’s a definite strength in the hook here, and there’s plenty more soul to soak up elsewhere in the song, too. It’s refreshing to hear a singer of this style writing songs that are so new sounding.

Breaking My Soul comes out on the 31st of August. Head over to Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with Jennifer S Benson and her music. Check out Jango or Soundcloud to listen to the tracks, or download her last release Good Bye via iTunes.

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