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Jennifer Juan First Love


London songwriter and artist Jennifer Juan brings a unique fusion of traits to modern music, as the seductive tones of First Love softly pour through the airwaves.

Featuring the somewhat unorthodox pairing of alternative, indie production – spacious and rhythmic, retro and almost shoegaze-like by design – with a notably more long-form, classic RnB vocal lead, First Love introduces a thoughtful singer with a subtle passion for performance. Everything from the delivery to the compositional overtones suggests a certain humility and intimate, almost dreamy approach – a little hazy, nostalgic and nonconfronting.

From a writing perspective, the soundscape maintains its threads of identity throughout – not least of all for that unusual rhythm section – but elsewhere the voice appears to freestyle its way through the sections of the song, not unlike a stream of consciousness; the lyrics slowly intensifying as the performance accordingly gathers grit and further emotional longing.

Interesting and honest, reminiscent of simpler times but also distinct in its own genre-fusing way, First Love proves both recognisable and easy-going. The whole thing seems to rain down like a diary entry or a private letter to a significant other. The style is unconfined, playful yet secure in its delicacy. It will be interesting to hear where else the music takes Jennifer Juan in the future.

Download First Love via Bandcamp or Apple. Find Jennifer Juan on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter & her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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