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Jennifer Jess Me First


By manner of a beautifully emotive, solo-piano lead, Jennifer Jess weaves a soundscape and story around listeners that poetically and intimately connect for their deeply truthful, personal and revealing nature.

Rising up from simple, expressive beginnings, Jennifer goes on to develop her sound in an increasingly impressive way. This is not just vocally but in the very structure of the song. What seems like a fairly classic piano ballad initially, goes on to venture up an octave and outwards into notably passionate, unpredictable territories.

Along the way, we get dashes of RnB, longer-form melodies that entrance and captivate, and hints of alternative pop in the shorter, quicker and somewhat more gritty or determined hook moments. Strings come into play, a mellow yet dramatic rhythm section, and this heightened emotion is reflected in every single element. It’s a unified progression, and in the end it speaks volumes on behalf of self-love and needing to put yourself first sometimes.

The lyrics before this seem vague and poetic enough to be made your own with ease, and this makes all the difference. The song manages to be decidedly personal, honest, yet not overly detailed or exclusive – it connects for its purity and realness, and it stays with you for its strength in seeming written just for you. Really nicely done.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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