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Jemantajimanii Fall (Dreamcalledlife)


Fresh from an album designed to reflect on the impact of 2020’s pandemic – Fall is a single that introduces the project Dreamcalledlife, and indeed the artist Jemantajimanii, in a memorable way.

Leading with simple yet ambient, engaging production, and vocals that feel contemporary yet classic in their take on RnB-style melodies and that balance between rap and tune, Fall adopts a stylish fusion of hip hop and dancehall vibes. The energy is mellow, yet there’s optimism to the bounce and overall sound of the track.

Jemantajimanii’s voice shines beautifully within the walls of the soundscape – clarity and emotion unite amidst a definite thread of personality that holds much of the project together.

During the final quarter, the track takes an unexpected creative turn – indicating a level of artistic freedom and intention that builds further on the likable nature of Jemantajimanii’s whole collection.

Check out Jemantajimanii on Twitter, Instagram & YouTube (Nonks).

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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