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Jeff Fowler Live at the Mint


Delivering on precisely what the title promises, Jeff Fowler and band capture the live show experience beautifully with this infectious and instantly uplifting new album.

Kicking into gear with retro soul and the sheer energy of a live audience united under Jeff’s guidance and natural stage presence, The ‘Fowler Vibrations’ offers a brief yet exciting introduction to what proves an impressively eclectic and musically immersive collection.

I’ll Try follows and gets us into the meat of the sound – soul-rock swagger and faultless musicianship supporting the smooth meandering of a confident, melodically pure vocal lead.

As the sixteen-track project Live At The Mint continues, the authenticity of the experience shines more and more brightly. Even the conversations between songs remain, holding fast to that genuine artist-audience connection and really elevating the skilful and passionate performances of everyone involved.

From catchy pop numbers and heartfelt anthems like Here’s To You, through the rising energy and quirky characteristics of songs like Goldfish Girl, to the swagger and seduction of You Have A Way – everything about Live At The Mint speaks volumes on behalf of the experience and artistry of Jeff Fowler.

The guitar-work is humble yet sublime, particularly during breakaway solo moments, such as within the unmistakable 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, and always there’s a clear awareness of the audience – never self-indulgent, forever focused on that connection and that shared energy.

Really well-performed and recorded, a strong introduction to an artist at the top of his game, and a pleasure to let play for a while.

Check out Jeff Fowler on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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