JDI Jay - WAIT - Stereo Stickman



JDI-Jay brings together catchy melodic threads, heartfelt intentions and uplifting yet emotive production, for the contemporary alt-pop ear-worm and ode to infatuation Wait.

Retro keys and subtle guitar-play introduce the song, before a crisp rhythm and fast-paced yet mellow-toned vocal delivery set the scene with imagery and emotions alike.

The soundscape maintains its colour and rhythm throughout, with a humble solo meandering in the distance; and a few additional synths to brighten up the hook section. Alongside this, the voice presents two long-form lines before changing gears, lengthening the progression each time; almost to the point of becoming a rap rather than a song.

The style feels relevant to the current landscape, yet also holds close to JDI-Jay’s own optimism and confidence on the mic – qualities that will hopefully ring loud across future releases.

Every time Wait resolves to its bright and poetic hook, things feel suddenly familiar, satisfying in melody and possibility. The track stands out for its audience awareness in unison with its clear and fearless devotion to a significant other.

Grab the single via Apple. Check out JDI-Jay on Instagram & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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