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Jazzy Fauchere White It Out


Faultless vocals meander through a colourful pop soundscape as singer and artist Jazzy Fauchere gets honest and intimate with the catchy new single White It Out.

Increasing the energy throughout, the opening verse promises a certain delicacy, and then the hook drops in – the voice elevates, peaks with passion for an infectious switch in melody. The subsequent verse delivers further layers of weight and a clearly more energised vocal outpouring.

Well-crafted, familiar for its pop qualities but fresh in its detailing, layers, and the subtly recognisable tone of Jazzy’s voice – White It Out stands tall on the strength of its arrangement and performance.

There’s a mildly retro, nostalgic vibe to the acoustic riff and rhythm pairing, and indeed to the dance routine scenes and the surrounding imagery of the video. The release tips its hat to a simper time, whilst introducing an artist with a clearly capable vocal style and a defiant commitment to the moment.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

One response to “Jazzy Fauchere – White It Out

  1. “Jazzy” spent a year with the Minipop Kids. She had to audition for three years in a row because she couldn’t make the cut. “White It Out” was not written by her – the girl can’t sight sing or read music. The writing credit goes to April Bender, who signed her over her rights for $$$.
    As for the ‘faultless vocals’ – we both know what magic autotune can do for a mediocre voice. Individuals with real talent get it down on the first take. It doesn’t take them all day to lay down one track.
    Ask her where the ‘original song’ she recorded a year ago is? Why hasn’t it been released?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

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