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JazzSuite2020 For The People (Prod. Craig Cooper)


On a day in which the world watches as the US are offered an opportunity to shake things up and change the future, JazzSuite2020 come forwards with an aptly-titled, inspiring new single.

Focused on taking full advantage of the chance to use your voice, For The People – written by Lynn DeFino and Denise S. Bates – takes a soulful and funk-kissed route towards motivating people to take action and vote.

Featuring a classic set-up, organic and hopeful, the single introduces lead vocals from Denise S. Bates and Vincent Bates, adding both dynamic and unity on behalf of a vast and diverse nation of individuals. The sound – produced by Craig T. Cooper – offers up an engaging, dance-ready groove, and ultimately resolves with a Gospel-style hook; a bright moment of warmth that allows the strength and recognisability of the chorus to really shine.

Emerging complete with an accompanying video that draws focus to protests and marches from throughout the past twelve months, For The People mentions plenty of truth and struggle during its verses, but always comes back to this hopeful central idea and sense of possibility – to let the people save the day.

Download the single via Bandcamp.

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