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Jaystaxx Cosmic


Jaystaxx lines up the bars and leads with a mellow vocal rhythm and contrastingly driven concept throughout a classically heavy hip hop anthem that is Cosmic.

Featuring a nostalgic set-up with a simple riff and a heavy bass-line and beat that kick up intermittently, Cosmic feels like a freestyle as its verses pour through with a mesh of references vaguely linked to a central story. The effect is that it gives off a certain level of character and confidence, and reinforces the hustle or work ethic at the heart of the track.

This process is always resolved each time the arrangement falls back towards the hook that introduced things – ‘Do the hustle, hustle’ resounds and loops around until it sinks in for good.

Stylish and refreshingly clean in terms of the vocal mix, Cosmic tips its hat to the legends of hip hop but simultaneously introduces a fresh personality and musical intention.

Far from the first release from Jaystaxx though, hard work pays off and Spotify is loaded with original tracks to catch up on.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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