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Jaye Reaves The Root


Freshly released from the brand new creative project The Come Up, Jaye Reaves’ leads with beautifully melodic sound-design and deeply reflective intentions on The Root.

Blending genres in a rather fearless yet smooth and colourful fashion, The Root utilises a somewhat retro ambiance – layers of vintage synth, keys and rhythm, alongside dashes of programmed sax and upfront, intimate vocals of both rap and RnB-style melodies.

The entire arrangement breathes new character into the scene, particularly the instrumental outro that again marches to the beat of its own creative desires.

Underneath this, or rather – running across the top line – Jaye injects a softly-spoken story that captivates, and the featured vocal for the hook adds further dynamic for a truly eclectic, interesting and emotive single.

Defiantly an artist with creativity at the heart of his work, Jaye Reaves showcases a fresh approach to modern music with this new collection, and The Root speaks volumes on behalf of that style and dedication to originality.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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