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Jaydii & Supreme Khay NAHIMASTAY


Back once again with an inarguable showcase of unwavering devotion to the craft, Jaydii collaboratively masters the space with Supreme Khay, alongside production from the one and only Blvff, for the six-track EP NAHIMASTAY.

Following the first single release from the project, need a vacation, the EP already notes thousands of streams, perhaps for its unique balancing of creative diversity and poetic originality. As an introduction, sunset blvd pt.2 definitively underlines these qualities, the bars in particular injecting energy, passion and presence – alongside clarity of concept, imagery and reflective wonder.

Jaydii is no stranger to authenticity as a writer and performer, and here we see those strengths in a perhaps all the more laid-back, fearless setting – idea after idea pouring through with grace and grit in equal parts. It’s a good vibes project, for sure, but there’s plenty to provoke thought woven into that process.

As we shift into hot soup, the eclecticism of NAHIMASTAY is undeniable – a bass-led groove and classic old-school vibe raise the roof with volume and enthusiastic precision and power. Theatrically designed, not merely a beat and a freestyle, there’s dynamic consistently at play, and that quality makes all the difference. Both Jaydii and Supreme Khay highlight a keen ear for evolution, and a strong connection to the underlying audio creativity from Blvff.

Acoustic strings and a lo-fi kick-drum lay down a fresh mood once again for the ear-worm of a single need a vacation, an obvious fan-favourite for its meeting of melody and ambiance – also the careful balancing of upbeat and mellow; making this an easy choice to back up any number of situations. Then for godiva, a whole new style emerges – the gentle fuzz of contemporary alt-pop raining down like a blanket of synths and voices, another catchy but long-form hook for more of that Joji influence.

Clarity and groove return for the sharp and stylish reese’s pieces, ethereal production and a choir of voices helping bring through the unmistakable character and colour that stands tall across Jaydii’s repertoire, the final moments redirecting things for one last unpredictable twist.

Emotional reflection captures the heart for rear view, a thoughtful and personal closing track, blending the deeply honest and intimate with the more relatable and easy to connect with. The production is dreamy and hopeful but the lyrics maintain realness and struggle to begin with, before rising up towards optimism and an inspiring sense of possibility. It’s also a worthy choice to follow the fun anthems with the profoundly vulnerable, and this is another quality both Jaydii and Blvff seem to master at just the right level. rear view is a humble yet effective highlight, and a great way to wrap up an impressively versatile collection of originals, from some of indie’s most hard-working and naturally engaging artists.

Listen to NAHIMISTAY via Soundcloud. Find Jaydii on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter & Instagram.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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