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Jaydii & Miles Hadley Funny Storm Vol. 1


Introducing one of the summer’s most creative and colourful Hip Hop projects, rapper and artist Jaydii returns alongside Miles Hadley, on a defiant high, with Funny Storm Vol. 1.

More than meeting the subtle implications of its joyous, fun loving artwork and title, Funny Storm Vol. 1 enters the room with character and confidence – a brief yet scene-setting Imperfect Storm laying the foundation well for the uplifting groove and faultlessly smooth flows of leading single Tippy Toe.

Dynamic and addictively rhythmic, Tippy Toe acts as both a catchy summer anthem and a strong indication of the storytelling, melodic strength and overall reflective yet laid-back intentions of Funny Storm Vol. 1.

We then move into the lo-fi smokey jazz tones of Money Draw, featuring renowned NY producer and rapper Blvff, before Glorious Halftime raises the pulse with faster bars and impressively connected metaphors and poetic phrasings. Simple musically, the easy synth keys of the track support the brilliantly captivating writing and performances for a well-placed moment of purpose and presence.

A touch of classic Hip Hop brings a sultry mellow vibe and heavier bass-line through for the compelling and interesting twist that is Solar System, still ringing loud with that now unmistakable Jaydii flow and identity that this album categorically showcases the very best of.

After this, we get the single Graze Shot – cinematic detailing and spoken fragments adding to the character and swagger of the writing and indeed the performances.

Versatility is always a crucial quality, and the arrangement of these tracks helps draw focus to that and keep things interesting and engaging every step of the way.

Also a breakthrough single, Take 5 injects a little distortion and grit, angst and energy at the final hurdle – still underlining the love for the process that is the Jaydii aim with the album, but also making sure to bring the passion and meaning required to really close things down on a high. We even get a dreamy remix of Glorious Halftime to wrap things up afterwards.

In an age where the idea of the album has come to face struggles in relevance or attention maintaining, Funny Storm Vol. 1 hits with consistently likable impact, offering an eclectic playlist of clever bars, stylish production and a skillful balance between simple fun and somewhat more contemplative, conscious references.

It’s an easy influx of good vibes rap tracks and chilled moods combined, and for Hip Hip fans past and present, there’s no doubt plenty to get lost within as the project lights up the space.

Album out August 8th. Find Jaydii on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud.

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