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Jaydcrazy Come Ride (Feat. J-Matt)


You can’t help but get the simple rhythm and melody of this single caught up in your mind even after hearing it just once. Come Ride offers a humble tune, a few notes along a straight line – descending at the end of each phrase, plus the familiar nature of the vocal sound and the effects. The track’s hook kicks things off, then the beat steps in, then the rap angle emerges, and piece by piece the whole thing weaves a modern RnB-hip-hop web around you.

Jaydcrazy and J-Matt are a duo bringing something relevant yet mildly fresh to modern music fans. Their voices have a contemporary finish, as does the use of melody and the concept, but various others elements help give this song something a little different. The beat for one is a huge selling point, this delicate and colourful ambiance alongside of a tripped up, creative drum line, helps keep the track structurally interesting and rhythmically satisfying. Adding to the former of those two qualities are varied performances that attempt and generally succeed in holding tight to your interest as the single moves along.

Musically and indeed melodically Come Ride hits hard and in an easy to recognize manner. Both artists bring a sense of smooth confidence to the stage, a subtle level of ability and a connection to the concept and the mood of the track. The switch from the melodic to the rapped even has a certain softness about it, it’s not jarring but merely a natural progression within the journey. Come Ride is a subtle ear-worm, the sort that makes certain you’ve heard it and will know it the next time around, but that does so in a non-offensive or intrusive manner. Well produced and brilliantly performed, an exciting collaboration – fans of RnB and hip hop alike should tune in to see where else they take things.

Download the single via Bandcamp. Find & follow Jaydcrazy & J-Matt on Twitter & Soundcloud.

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