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Jay Tee Hell Inside


Driving with unquestionable openness, a refreshing musicality, and a clear desire to explore the inner workings of the human mind – Jay Tee’s Hell Inside seems like a perfectly poignant release for this particular time in our lives.

The seventeen year-old artist offers a first-hand look at the demons and alter-egos that can exist within a single mind. From the multi-coloured, retro yet likable soundscape, through the detailed and personal verses, to the ultimate resolve of a rhythmic and addictive hook, there’s a strong sense of artistry to the entire set-up, and this reflects the underlying depth of thought brilliantly.

From the offset, the groove of the track works well – this multi-layered, almost vintage-style soundtrack is a pleasure to escape into. Then you get Jay’s voice, mellow in tone yet expressive, rhythmically varied, occasionally feeling like a freestyle or a stream-of-consciousness diary entry.

There’s a level of realness to this approach that’s easy to connect with – that unapologetic willingness to be fully and authentically human in writing and music. Jay goes into detail, laying out the aches of modern life from depression to obsession, broken dreams, suicide, the rat race. It’s relatable content, and the very title seems to effectively encapsulate the current struggles we’re all experiencing.

Powerful stuff, and at such a young age, the future looks promising. Interesting soundscapes, a recognisable voice, an unquestionable outpouring of truth. Well worth a listen.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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