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Jay Ham Ooh La La (Feat. Natiive & Tre Wright)


Summer-vibes in strong supply pour through for this fresh collaborative single from LA’s Jay Ham, Natiive and Tre Wright.

Aiming high from the offset, the track sets the bar with a beautiful wash of harmonies and a quickly anthem-like, classic pop hook to kick things off. Soon enough, summertime energy follows in the form of exotic synth rhythms, creating a steel-drum aura and simultaneous beach-side mood. Then we get a few hits of hip hop, furthering a sense of unity and oneness that the song naturally breathes into the room.

The positive energy grows stronger throughout the track’s sub-two-minute-thirty lifespan – not requiring longer than this to leave an impact, but making full use of every second and bar to leave a lasting impression.

Throw in a rising level of passion from all involved, and a hook that won’t quit – even after the music has finished – and Ooh La La is every bit the summer hit its title and introduction seem to promise. An easy one to enjoy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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