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Jason Greco Normal


Jason Greco keeps things raw and real with this latest demo of a brand new song. Seemingly inspired by current events, prompted by isolation and motivated by a clear need for change and progression, Normal tackles the very systems we have in place, and questions when regular life will rightly become about love above all else.

Leading with a fairly rough guitar sound but an interesting rhythm and chord pattern regardless, the opening moments go on to introduce an equally interesting and effective melody-line. Then just as we think we found the groove, there’s a longer instrumental break between verses to remind us once again of that guitar work.

Later on, the hook comes in with a certain simplicity – the questions call out, the melody descends, and this singular pattern is repeated four times; in order to really drive home that desperation and longing for a brighter tomorrow.

Towards the end, a much-welcomed guitar solo comes into play – a clever nudge to remind you that this is a demo, and that a fully produced or full-band version of the song would likely be a whole lot more immersive and provocative.

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