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Jason Bembry You Should Have Known


Jason Bembry’s voice on this latest release melts the heart in an instant. You Should Have Known is a classically warm, organic ballad with a slightly jazz and soul infused aura. It’s a song that grows from mildly familiar to unexpectedly brilliant by the half way point, and things continue to embrace the listener right through to the end.

There’s a fine balance between subtle grit and smooth delicacy in the performance here – the music falls away or intensifies intermittently, and in either case Bembry and the backing vocalists meet the needs of the moment beautifully.

There’s a powerful sense of unity between the music and the voices, a stop and start set-up that can’t be faked, and the further into the song you get – and indeed with each re-visit – the more impressive it seems to be. There’s also a level of loyalty and emotional depth to the writing, and this shines beautifully at every step.

Songwriting-wise there’s a certain melodic strength to the progression and the way things slowly but surely build. Jason Bembry reaches new heights with this song, and that’s without being overly flashy or forceful – this feels like a gorgeously natural piece of writing and performance; the sort that begs for you to witness it in a live-show setting. For those who stumble upon that opportunity – absolutely get involved. A beautiful new song and a pleasure to wake up to.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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