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Jasmine Kara CALL BACK


It’s easy to like this latest single from artist and songwriter Jasmine Kara. Though it begins in a fairly familiar, perhaps Katy Perry kind of style – the video and the vocal lean in this direction – both parts of the release quickly grow to introduce an artist who actually seems to pave her own way creatively.

To begin with, Call Back offers a wonderfully colorful and nostalgic doo-wap vibe – a brightness and an uplifting shuffle of a beat. Later on, the lyrics and the accompanying visuals start to lay bare the intricacies of the story-line in a likable and entertaining fashion. In addition, this feels fairly natural – despite the crisp and clean pop finish, Kara’s vocals are stunning, and her performance visually is equally impressive and showcases someone who doesn’t necessarily take herself too seriously. All of this helps present someone with a natural love for pop music and performance in general, and for these reasons the song is a simple pleasure to let play.

Vocally, Jasmine Kara is up there with the best of them. This and indeed all of her previous releases to date showcase incredible vocals – the sort that can meander in a free and effortlessly skillful manner, through moments of quiet and softness to those that need to hit with a little more volume and passion. Call Back offers all of this, a song with a great rhythm about it, and a mighty hook section. The verses pave the way well so that this moment reaches out and energizes precisely as it should. It’s a notably recognizable release, and a great way to get into Jasmine Kara’s music in general.

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