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JASH What You Want


Singer and songwriter JASH has been paving his way within the music industry for the past couple of years, experiencing various levels of success and climbing the ladder as a respectable and impressive artist. In what proves to be an even stronger step forward though, his latest release, the brand new single What You Want, sees JASH really find himself as a performer.

Fusing the best of heartfelt songwriting with a smooth and expressive leading vocal – a meandering RnB melody that feels all at once nostalgic and fresh – What You Want makes for an EDM-pop crossover hit, with lashings of rhythm and soul that help lean the whole thing in a fairly unique direction. This is the JASH sound and approach, there are layers to this that showcase an artist who has found his flow – that voice, the personality, the multi-coloured nature of the soundscape; the uplifting brightness of the synths that rain down. While the songwriting is the greatest strength, the production and performance alike help elevate everything within to effective levels.

From a songwriting perspective, JASH introduces himself with honesty and consideration here. From a distance, there’s a simplicity to the sound – an easy pop groove that lights up the room as it should. The closer you get though, the more intently you listen, the taller those personal details and that truthfulness stand amidst the ambiance. Absolutely a worthy contender for this year’s biggest summer playlists. One to watch out for.

Single out July 26th. Find & follow JASH on Facebook, Soundcloud & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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