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Jase Harley & Eddie Grand Dangerous


This latest collaborative release from Jase Harley and Eddie Grand is one that leaves its mark in a thick and subtly unforgettable way. The weight and tone of the soundscape gives it a sub-EDM feel, the bass-heavy drone of dub step alongside of a lighter beat and a lighter still vocal delivery works perfectly. That underlying progression becomes a riff that weaves its way into your consciousness indefinitely. It’s intense and it stands out for this because the gentler, almost dance-hall-like beat stands in such stark contrast with it. Above all else it’s that musical cleverness, that melodic instrumental character, that stays with you after listening.

Keeping a necessary touch of humanity alive within the mix is the leading vocal, relaxed as it delivers, hypnotically pouring this particular melody and lyric through in a manner that has an equally memorable quality to it. It’s a relaxed vibe but there’s an unusual meeting between the intense and the calm here, giving the track that inherent level of impact that makes certain you’ve heard it.

As the piece progresses, or with each new listen, the production quality and the addictive nature of that bass-line grab a hold of you more and more. It’s a mighty backdrop that works its magic pretty swiftly. At under two minutes long, the track appears and is over before you know it, so it’s easy – and pretty unavoidable – to listen three or four times in a row.

The vocal feature gives the whole thing an additional element of structure and some simple, effective, intimate and late night lyrics to broaden that reach. This is a collaboration that follows its own rules, and for that reason and all of the above, it works well. We should be hearing a lot more of this over the coming months. It’s undoubtedly a track you’d recognize from across the field.

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Where you are from? 

Jase Harley and Eddie Grand are both born and raised in New Jersey.

What influences you?

For this song in particular my sex life and my love life. My Trinidadian heritage and the Caribbean culture has also had a major influence on me especially Dancehall and Soca music. Also I’m always paying attention to what’s going on in the EDM and Hip Hop music scene so that always influences me. Pop culture.

Who influences you?

Major Lazer, DJ Khaled, DJ Snake, DJ 4B, Drake. Girls that I date and girls that I casually hook up with.

What is this song about? 

It’s pretty much about a booty call. Could also be considered a reflection of the current hook up and dating culture of millennials. When you have feelings for some one you don’t think logically, your actions are usually driven by your emotions. Living in the moment and doing things based on your feelings in that moment and not worrying about what consequences might arise later. The song is about just wanting to fuck and not worrying about any attachments.

What feeling this song is suppose to give to fans?

It’s supposed to make fans feel sexy, make them feel themselves. It’s supposed to make people want to grab some one on the dance floor, make them want to have sex with the person they’ve been desiring. The song kinda seduces it’s listeners with the sultry vocals and hypnotizing bass. Also it has a heavy summer vibe.

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