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Jared Matthew Came Up


Blissful good vibes in the form of crisp acoustic guitar-work kick off this colourful summer anthem from artist and rapper Jared Matthew.

An easy hit, Came Up makes fine use of clarity and contemporary intentions amidst a well-rooted style that tips its hat to the legends of yesteryear. The music blends hip hop rhythms with a lighter, lo-fi melodic aura that helps build upon the dreamy, inspiring energy of the writing.

Furthering this effect is of course Jared’s voice, softly passionate and genuine, cleanly mixed – refreshing in its realness and optimism combined.

Introducing a story-teller with a strong ear for music that connects and lifts the mood of the room, Came Up feels all at once like an accessible, inclusive anthem for those looking to move on in life, and a deeply personal relaying of struggle and ambition intertwined.

Self-belief and a clear understanding of what really matters in life stand tall in this breezy, calming arena of sound. For all of these reasons, Jared Matthew lights up the season with this release.

Grab Came Up via Apple. Check out Jared Matthew on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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