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Jared Lee Those Were The Days (Live Acoustic Version)


While Jared Lee’s collaboration with Midnight Kids brought a single that was already impressive and likable enough to create waves, this acoustic, piano-led version brings through a totally different experience – one with a blissful level of soul and purity. It’s a stunning take on a classic indie hit, and it lays bare the talent and passion of an artist with an unquestionable connection to the music he makes.

Those Were The Days is a song that’s easily memorable in itself, yet somehow this raw and unedited version lights up the lyrics and the details of the writing in a whole new way.

Jared’s voice is sensational, his commitment to the moment helps illuminate every second of the song in a powerful and overwhelmingly nostalgic manner. His vocals reach emotional peaks that help carry the song with weight and fullness, allowing it to take the form of a mighty pop single, as it once did, yet all you find here is the piano and the voice. Even the accompanying, live video offers nothing but a single shot of the performer lost in the moment, and still the result is something that seems much bigger.

Brilliant, a real pleasure to listen to, and more than a few times over. It’s always wonderful to discover artists who make modern electronic music yet also possess the ability and desire to craft it from the raw, organic essentials when necessary. Jared Lee is superb, an artist through and through. I look forward to hearing more.

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