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Jared Lee Don’t Wish Your Life Away (From the Original Motion Picture ‘Fantasy Island’)


In what seemed like the blink of an eye, singer and songwriter Jared Lee has made the well-deserved leap to movie songwriting, and the sheer sound, passion, and success of this single speaks volumes on behalf of his dedication and drive as an artist.

Providing the official theme song for the 2020 Blumhouse / SONY movie Fantasy Island, the song Don’t Wish Your Life Away appears throughout the film’s credits, and secures Lee’s role as one of the most impressive and fast-rising songwriters of the new decade.

From gentle beginnings, Lee captures a sense of rising anticipation with subtle cues – a chorus of vocals, united without lyrics, a simple series of piano chords. This anthemic introduction then falls away to lay bare a fast-strummed acoustic guitar rhythm, and an equally rhythmic, short-lined verse vocal. In the same instance, poetry and scene setting intertwine amidst an inherent longing for appreciating the present moment, the little things in life; the real things. Perfectly in keeping with the title of the hit movie, the single talks of the value of real experiences over fantasies.

Jared Lee sang, co-wrote and co-produced the beautifully uplifting, catchy single Don’t Wish Your Life Away. Fantasy Island was the 3rd top grossing film in the world over a four-day weekend in February, 2020. Big things can happen when unwavering work ethic meets with talent, passion, creativity, and good intention. A bright and beautiful song from Jared Lee, with a powerful message.

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