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Jared Dylan Justified


Jared Dylan brings back soulful, stylish alternative pop with this latest single. Beginning with the organic bounce and colour of a piano-led ambiance, followed soon after by a unique vocal line and a string of intriguing, personal lyrics, Justified slowly but surely starts to build and evolve; eventually becoming a heavy and memorable alternative pop-rock classic that’s easy to enjoy.

Jared Dylan’s melodic work on this track is a definite strength throughout – these long-form, meandering lines pave the way well towards the weight of the song’s hook. Everything else then falls in line thanks to the quality of the writing and the structure of the track. The instrumentation gathers momentum, layers of electronic fuzz help reinforce a change in mood, and the vocal too moves from quiet and intimate to much brighter, more passionate, and supported by a collection of other voices that help create a huge level of vibrancy and power.

By the time the track comes to an end, Jared Dylan’s vocal style and the brilliant use of contrast between the sections of the song have undoubtedly left a mark. The outro sees the peak of that passion and strength fade off into the distance, effectively letting it linger around the listener as long as possible. It’s an enjoyable song, but it’s also quite refreshing and interesting to hear right now. There’s a level of originality to the whole thing, which makes the prospect of a longer project all the more exciting.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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