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Jana Pochop Oh My Heart


Introducing some newly acquired, minimalist yet and aptly creative production skills from an otherwise acoustic Jana Pochop, Oh My Heart is a beautifully ambient, folk-trip-hop fusion of heartfelt, poetic reflections on life and the self.

Leading with a somewhat nineties-esque emo-rock softness and intimacy, the song’s lyrics and melody break hearts from the offset – driving with a sort of deeply thoughtful melancholy, which connects for its profound and unusual references combined with those which are poignantly familiar.

A beautifully crafted piece of music and writing, Oh My Heart is best experienced at volume, through isolated headphones or high quality speakers – perhaps as the world is speeding by outside the window. Jana’s way with provocative, powerfully human writing proves mesmerizing in this setting, allowing the song to feel as if it was written purely for you – a rare and commendable trait.

The whole thing is addictively hypnotic, resolving with a subtle sense of possibility and freedom, perhaps not directly but still quite cleverly reminding us of the bizarre and unprecedented series of events that has been 2020.

Beautiful, a powerful song – from a fantastic artist. Hopefully there’s a longer project on the way.

Download Oh My Heart via Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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