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JAMO x Henboss Time Of Your Life


Brand new music from JAMO this year brings a genuinely impressive and smooth collaborative release with rapper and artist Henboss.

Faultlessly blending the UK hip hop tone with an instantly immersive and partly organic manner of sound design, Time Of Your Life proves a beautifully melodic, pristinely-crafted pop hit of intimacy and optimism united.

The multi-coloured soundscape progresses from RnB hooks through catchy guitar riffs and a generally ambient vibe, ultimately evolving towards the cleanly-mixed rap verse that furthers the story and dynamic of the whole track.

Aptly in tune with the current scene yet refreshingly melodically and somewhat nostalgic in both clarity and the long-form, soulful nature of that hook, Time Of Your Life manages to naturally elevate the JAMO sound and creative reach more than ever.

An easy must for the month ahead, though something of a timeless hit worth more than a few revisits as the year rides on.

Check out all things JAMO here or follow him on IG. Check out Henboss on IG & Spotify.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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