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JAMO Late Nights EP


Great vibes at just the right time – the UK’s own JAMO raises the bar and uplifts the nation all at once with this intimate yet bright, multi-layered new EP of originals.

Featuring an electro-pop warmth akin to the sound of M83 and other such anthemic producer-led acts, Dream Girl kicks things off and brings in organic funk and smooth RnB vocals for a truly eclectic yet catchy opener.

The contrast from verse to hook satisfies and energises with ease, laying bare both the sound-design and vocal ability of JAMO in a clear and impressive way. Furthermore, what an anthem – a summertime hit ready and waiting to light up the scene.

Softness and simple chord-work take us into a keys-led, unmistakable and infectious Late Night – a mellow groove with hypnotic, dreamy layers of subtlety rising up into euphoric distortion that begs for you to witness it in a festival setting.

Even with the production quality and faultless pop performances, JAMO continues to inject a level of personal vulnerability, of realness, that’s refreshing in the context of this genre. His openness connects in a deeply human way, and many of his lyrics are all the more relatable thanks to this purity and fearless addressing of the now.

These themes of contemplation continue throughout, the overarching idea of Late Nights encapsulating the mood and enveloping the listener in its sentiments. Clockwork Interlude is a fine example, delicate and revealing, poetic, and perfectly placed at the mid-section.

Then there’s the poignancy and wondering of What’s Real?, a stylish, moody and immersive display of longing and self-awareness. A definite highlight for the soundscape and lyrical structure, but in reality this entire EP is quite stunning, and defiantly best-experienced in full for that true escapism and understanding.

Things come to a close with a blissfully gentle expression of heartache and loss, hopeful in melody and musicality, deeply emotive in topic and the whispered warmth of the delivery. Again, JAMO surprises with this inclusion of Afterlife, proving his work to have many threads of consistency but also many levels of versality and artistic intention.

A beautiful EP, masterfully crafted by an artist, musician and producer at the top of his game. Well worth a few spins this season.

Download or stream Late Nights here or via Apple. Check out JAMO on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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