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Jamitjames Taeb Ecnad


Producer Jamit pays tribute to the late King Stitt on this track Taeb Ecnad (Dance Beat in reverse). Historical context aside though, this is one of his most enjoyable releases to date. There seems to be a lot more going on in the outskirts, the distant layers of the audio – echos of the leading synth riff rain down and offer a sense of warmth, which, when combined with the hypnotic nature of the beat, makes for something that’s easy to get lost within – and hopefully, most probably, to dance to.

Creating from nothing verses creating as an ode with some source of inspiration or influence as the drive is almost certain to take you down a different pathway. Jamit always has a concept at the heart of his work, there’s always a thought process or an intention to ponder as you listen. Not so often though is there a musical turning point – a route through audio that supposedly entertained and offered escapism to the artist long before he himself began to offer that for others. The result is something that feels undoubtedly Jamit-like in nature but that brings through unexpected elements of colour, melody, and subsequently – a slightly different kind of energy. Even the opening drum-line has a little more to it here, flickers of additional rhythm – hints of that upcoming echo.

Generally there are characteristics to Jamit’s work that let you know where you are. The producer has a certain way with EDM that manages to stand out even among today’s overflowing world of dance and electronic music. Taeb Ecnad is no different, the beat in particular presents the pounding vibrancy that is a clear trait of the producer. There’s plenty to appreciate in the way of freshness though as well. With each new release, Jamit is building a playlist of comfort for audiences to wear over themselves for an entire evening. Always a pleasure to revisit and let surround you, particular during those late nights. Check out more of his music here.

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