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Jamitjames Pioneer Generation (feat. Orestis Milios)


This latest release from Jamit takes me back about a decade and a half to those early teenage days when all-night raves first found their way onto the radar. The simplicity of the music is what makes it worth, Jamit has recaptured the classic, vintage rhythm and subtle brightness of the time in a fresh way, bringing listeners a crisp touch of nostalgia that pours through for over six minutes.

The soundscape for Pioneer Generation is one that feels half-baked, to an extent – these melting riffs appear intermittently among an echoing drum-line, perhaps representing the times through and through, or perhaps just effectively steering away from all that is mainstream and predictable. You get a good three or four different riffs within the journey, all slightly off-scale or creatively free, the main one being the opener and perhaps the most memorable, then these lighter, more distant sounding melodic moments redirect your attention.

On top of all of this are these spoken word fragments – the central ideas of the track, repeated in line with the hypnotic, repetitive nature of the beat. You’re either in the moment or not with this, there’s no in between. For me, it lays out the perfect balance between calm and manic – hyped but fully in control, or rather, willingly lost in the rhythm of the audio; just as it is when you find yourself unable to stop dancing.

In addition to the vibe set by the music, the details add a great deal to the ambiance here. The intro starts this off, then certain scene-setting flickers fill out the exterior with little nuances that briefly draw your attention. It’s subtle, but it makes it less of a loop and more of a journey. By the end,  you’ll recognise the whole thing from a mile away.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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