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Jamit Such Is Not


“Such is not in accord with humanitarian considerations” – Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle.

Deeply conceptual music can struggle to find its way into our consciousness these days, the tracks that work hard to create something uniquely relevant to a particular topic or idea are often few and far between. Jamit’s return this month brings a totally provocative piece of music that feels like a classically retro journey into his creative mind, but it also offers plenty in the way of potentially influential ideas and addictive intrigue.

There’s character and mystery to this release, it feels comforting and simple in some respects, but the repetition of that line, that idea, and the overwhelmingly joyful and vintage sound of the synths and the gaming-like beats creates an unexpected contrast and adds to an already mystifying, unpredictably appealing experience.

Such Is Not is a track that has three or four very distinct elements to it – each of these work well in carving their way into your consciousness. After only a minute or so of listening you familiarize with the journey. There are certain evolution points for sure, the sounds seem to get slightly higher, more intense, more chaotic, but they simultaneously refuse to change very much at all. The spiraling nature of the sound reminds me a little of a Shepherd Tone or a Risset, it’s barely detectable but undoubtedly there is something happening within that captivates and mesmerizes.

If the listener simply lets this audio experience surround them, the journey is totally unusual – partly optimistic, partly dark and unsettling. In either case – eventually – it satisfies in the way that any effective EDM or instrumental soundscape should. Jamit has put together another professional yet undeniably original or loaded with personality piece of music, and it’s defiantly recognisable for its quirkiness.

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