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Jamit Multiplayer Erotica


Singapore-based producer Jamit veers off down yet another unpredictable pathway with his latest release. Multiplayer Erotica is a track with a simple description – this tune is about men and women rolling around in pairs or groups together having fun. In that respect, the title kind of says it all, but even with the awareness – the track that pours through is impossible to expect.

From a production perspective, there are a number of building blocks here that give the piece character. In terms of dance or atmospheric music, the latter half ultimately sees the music find its feet and emerge as something ambient and full. To hear it evolve in this way though, from the minimalist, industrial spaciousness of the intro, actually does add artistic value to the way its perceived. As is always the way, Jamit utilises retro synths and samples, even the beat here has something hauntingly past-like about it. The manic click brings a sci-fi edge that’s as unsettling as it is strangely youthful.

The further you get into the track, the more the journey makes sense as a representative (or accompaniment) for the ideas behind it. The vocal snippets multiply towards the inevitable finish, the layers are familiar now – where at first you may feel overwhelmed by the unknown, soon enough this is replaced by what is essentially the Jamit approach to creativity and composition.

At it’s core, this is down-tempo EDM – suited to those later than late nights when you’re not sure what kind of music you need but you absolutely can’t stand the thought of silence. This is a well produced piece, of course, and even with everything he’s put out and how different each release is – still that Jamit sound stands tall within the mix.

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