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Jamit Female Medieval Jester


Jamit pushes the boundaries of regular audio reception yet again with this nine minute-plus release entitled Female Medieval Jester. There’s something about the sounds that introduce this, they can either be completely unsettling to have pour down around you, or they can be completely joyful and offer the perfect ambiance within which you can ponder the world. As suggested on the Soundcloud link, perhaps to listen in the bathtub is truly the best way to get a real experience out of it. Having said that, this soundscape grows to be something of an experience in just about any setting.

There is a definite sense of being underwater to the ambiance as it progresses. Alongside of the bubbles are those Jamit-style retro synths, gamer-like in nature, and alongside of that are these slightly tribal voices – quick and rhythmic, almost as if a small crowd is distantly chanting among the instrumentation.

As is always the case with Jamit’s work, the building blocks are unlike anything else you’ll likely have listened to in recent months, but even so – the resulting effect is as immersive and easy to escape within as any of the modern day, synth-led trip hop environments you might otherwise turn to; perhaps more-so. There’s a hypnotic quality to this extended musical journey that overtakes any need for structure or change. There’s a sense of growth, sure – the layers intensify just slightly, but you start to question whether that’s actually happening or whether it’s simply your mind making it appear that way.

You fall further and further under the spell of the audio and your imagination starts to run wild with these select few minimalist yet finely chosen elements. It’s surprisingly addictive to witness, to venture through, and when it ends an almighty silence crashes down around you. Only Jamit can create music in this way and have it leave such a memorable mark. What his intentions were, how the title relates, how this all came to be – the listener gets to fill in the blanks.

Download the single via Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify.


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