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Jamit Chicken


Jamit’s latest release is an ode to the fact that millions of us consume chicken and chicken-based products throughout our daily lives without really stopping to consider the methods that made it or the ethics of that situation. Already the topic has my attention, it’s something many of us ponder quite frequently these days – if we are so appalled by pain and suffering and unnecessary death, why do we continue to turn a blind eye? Because of convenience? Because everyone else does?

As is the Jamit way, this track veers off down some unpredictable creative pathway, feeling a little like the introduction to some eighties sci-fi film. The sounds and samples that make up the soundscape are perhaps his most undetectable yet – fragments of confused, distorted audio, interwoven in a rhythmically hypnotic manner. And as is often the case, there are these voices that introduce humanity into the journey, and there is also this distinctive sense of rising intensity. The piece feels calm at first, happy in its own loop of riffs and ideas, but the calmness doesn’t last. The latter half feels like reality storming in, a certain truth that we held too far away from ourselves before now. It’s the same track, the same beat – it feels familiar and relevant to this piece of music, but things are louder, more unsettling, less simple.

Musically this is one of Jamit’s best releases yet, this fusion of the retro and the fresh – the voices, the pace, the ideas, the details; there are so many details, seemingly far more than ever before. The instrumentation feels partly organic in some ways, yet partly also fresh from the depths of electronic mayhem. There’s drama and tension to it all, and this is presented in a powerful way. It’s a journey well worth experiencing at volume, and a concept we all need to consider a little more attentively.

“…we eat chicken all the time, and treat it as a substance with no ethical significance.”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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