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Jamin Pirnia Roads (Vargas & Lagola) / Every You Every Me


Jamin Pirnia’s sound has an unmistakable touch of character to it that you quickly warm to throughout his latest releases. Roads was the first to make itself known, the leading voice pouring through with a certain fusion of delicacy and personality that feels very genuine and carries the sentiment and melody of the song really well.

Having heard a couple of different releases from Jamin Pirnia, this particular song really showcases the joyful, optimistic angle, and to listen with this in contrast to what follows is to really appreciate the brightness and the hopefulness that can be heard throughout the soundscape and the performance. The switch from the verse to the hook works well, it’s gentle yet it hits a level of anticipation and impact in a gorgeously genuine way.

In addition, Pirnia’s take on a Placebo classic is an absolute beauty. It’s a pleasure to hear a re-working of that song, a personal yet new performance, and without a doubt there’s so much emotion still embedded within it – the perspective of a different artist, with a different but still clearly intense connection to the song and its development. As a producer, Pirnia clearly values the art of the job, crafting creative yet fairly minimalist soundscapes – particularly in the case of Every You Every Me. Nothing exists within the walls of the song that doesn’t need to be there. It’s a simple approach, thoughtful and fitting for the reflective, considerate lyrics that pour through.

The version featuring Bearfur takes things in a slightly heavier direction, the pace picks up, the intensity rises, and all of this effectively gives the track a totally new vibe and underlying energy. In both cases, it’s a pleasure to lost yourself within a brilliant song that has been re-captured under a new light.

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