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JamesJulian Turquoise Blue / Water Song


Organic acoustic guitar of a crisp, uplifting nature kicks off the melodically addictive sound and imagery-laden songwriting of JamesJulian – Turquoise Blue marking a fine introduction to the ultimately full-band style of his original music.

Building up naturally, Turquoise Blue leads with accessible vocals somewhat distantly or lightly mixed, for a nostalgic finish that tips its hat to the likes of Pinball Wizard and the anthems of a simpler time.

The songwriting is fresh, the riffs and instrumental breaks are too, and the drum work is superb. Weave in the alternative framing of scenes and ideas, and the JamesJulian creative identity stands taller still.

Good vibes are a strong and secure trait of the JamiesJulian sound, and the live aspect also consistently appeals – the passionate delivery, the solos, the optimism.

WaterSong is another worthy example, softer in vocal presentation but quirky, poetic and colourful regardless. Moreover, the voice and writing, the structure, has familiarity now – recognisable qualities that ring loud throughout the artist’s repertoire.

Elsewhere we get a grittier edge for that rock and roll intensity with the likes of Pontessaa raw performance well-captured, with cascading psychedelic twists and turns across a rising melody and intriguing sentiment. Inspiring lyrics pierce through regardless, lines lingering amidst the equally resonant musicality that continues to uplift and energise.

Then there are heartfelt hits like What Lite, still in tune with the underlying intentions of the artist, but fresher still for its melodic shifts and the build up to higher peaks as things evolve.

Having been writing songs for many years, JamesJulian’s collection is not only extensive, but consistently impressive – finely honed musicianship and catchy yet still interesting hooks and stories. Every song offers something new, an earworm and a contemplative journey, whilst swiftly drawing interest in the live show or tour; something that hopefully follows in the coming months and years.

Turn the music up loud and escape into the sound. These are driving anthems, songs of unity, togetherness; the key to positivity and hopeful feelings as we celebrate life and look towards a brighter tomorrow. The style is timeless, and the skill and devotion are genuine. A pleasure to delve into.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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