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James With The Drip Falling For You


Long-time producer James With The Drip ventures out into the contemporary dance-pop world with a refreshingly spacious yet intricately detailed, unique soundscape and song.

Featuring a progressive ambiance that consistently showcases a new direction or a change in feel, Falling For You rides along the top of a piano-led progression for the most part. In the process, the song throws in more than a few different flavours and traits, yet still maintains this strangely organic flow – the likes of which is given threads by means of the vocal melody and simplicity throughout.

As the track makes its way through a sub-three-minute lifespan, we’re effectively transported from electro-pop territory to a somewhat more dancehall-like rhythm and vibe – with layers of EDM and mildly familiar characteristics. There’s also this consistent level of change that continues to introduce new flickers of personality and artistry.

It’s a unique sound, overall – particularly at this time in our lives. While those modern traits are present, they’re not the driving force – far from it. What we get is a pop song with accessible vocals and melody, but a notably alternative, almost minimalist production style, that proceeds to unpredictably reinvent itself every few bars.

James With The Drip undoubtedly puts his stamp on the music, and that’s something which will likely bring longevity and recognisability in the music world.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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