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James Patrick Morgan Expected


James Patrick Morgan is undoubtedly an artist worth paying attention to. The new track Expected is a superb place to start.

The song exudes style, skill and professionalism at every moment, right from the opening instrumentation. The energy and rhythm of the track is perhaps the first thing to reach out, then the melody steps into place, and soon enough you witness and realise the sheer brilliance of the artist’s singing voice. If at first a sort of summer reggae or folk rock vibe is put forth, later on an incredibly soulful edge appears, (in amongst a wonderful bit of jazz), enhancing the effect of the music even further.

The instrumentation, the writing, and the vocal performance have all made for a stunning release with this track. The production is of the utmost highest quality, so the sound really takes hold of you as you listen. All of this aside though, you can sense the skill involved in the songwriting here – it’s a song that could transcend genres in many ways, so as to be picked up by anyone and everyone; all audiences welcome.

What brings it forwards even more so into the spotlight is that voice. The funk-inspired energy of the track suits the soulful and stylish sound of the artist’s voice superbly. It’s not a combination offered heard, particularly not with such a musically masterful approach. It really makes for the kind of sound that is access all areas, something absolutely anyone can appreciate and embrace, and on top of this – a live show is likely to be massively appealing after hearing even just the one song. The full band sound surrounding the artist consistently adds to the energy and the good vibes expressed. It’s a really great song, one for the long term playlist for certain.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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