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James McCartney Primrose Hill


Setting the tone just right for the incoming summer days, James McCartney presents a blissful acoustic dedication to romantic memories – to the simple but meaningful scenes that remain with us for a lifetime.

An impressively modest and melodically hypnotic debut from Paul McCartney’s son James – Primrose Hill speaks volumes on behalf of an artist who has clearly found the essence of escapism that is the joy of true and uninhibited songwriting.

Built around a gentle acoustic folk arrangement, with lightly effected vocals and a distant choir of additional supporting tones, Primrose Hill weaves an enchanting web of contemplation that feels both personal and broadly accessible.

The youthful longing at the heart of these images and memories is incredibly relatable, a treasured part of life for so many, and the delivery here leads with an intimate and genuine sense of appreciation for the past. There’s also a subtle but brilliantly welcomed twist of electric guitar during the final third – an instrumental break that permits the poetry and emotions to settle in for the long-term.

Co-written with the one and only Sean Ono Lennon, Primrose Hill is not only a beautifully humble and imaginative ode to nostalgia, to timeless songwriting and artistic expression, but also appears to mark the beginning of an unmissable new chapter in our generation’s musical journey. Stay tuned.

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