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Jake Ward Put You Down Tomorrow


Singer and songwriter Jake Ward collaborates with Navy paramedic Jacob Wigdorski and guitarist Paul Teltschik for this latest single, bringing through the best of organic country rock vibes, amidst a story-line that deals with the addictive and consistent hold our vices so commonly have on us. Whatever it may be, we keep going back to it, always declaring it the last time – tomorrow we’ll start over.

All in all, considering the concept, the musical set-up, the melodic development, and the performances, Put You Down Tomorrow is superb – a brilliant song with a well-rooted and genuine sentiment. It’s absolutely no surprise this release is doing so well across the airwaves.

Currently at #3 on the Texas Regional Radio Report, having previously hit #1 on the Texas Music Chart, the single looks set to pave the way brilliantly for Jake’s upcoming album Back On Solid Ground – out July 26th. As an introduction to the artist, there’s a certain pop warmth to the melody and arrangement here, but there’s also a likable and deeply appealing level of realness and grit – to the delivery, to the instrumentation, to the evolving levels of passion in every element. This balance helps create something that captivates, that connects for its big-band feel as much as that comforting familiarity that we so often turn to popular music for.

Jake’s voice carries the track beautifully, alternating between delicacy and power, always appearing with authenticity regarding the underlying ideas. An easy hit, a great song from three impressive songwriters, and one that’s easily recognizable once it’s crossed your path. I look forward to the album.

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