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Jake Hays All I’ve Got to Say


Introducing a catchy stomp of an electronic-pop-rock track, Jake Hays brings the colour and anthemic presence to modern music, with the unavoidable groove and character of All I’ve Got To Say.

Making fine use of melodic fragments in everything from that four-to-the-floor rhythm to guitar flicks and varied vocal sections, All I’ve Got To Say feels like a timeless offering with a twist of contemporary story. The result is a contemplative mood but also a clear degree of energy and possibility, thanks to the sheer style of the work; not least of all the subtle but effective distortion of those riffs.

Underlining a breadth of influence from classic rock to alternative and indie, Jake Hays leads with strength of songwriting above all else. His accessible and confident voice brings the melody and bounce of the song through on a definite high, and speaks volumes on behalf of a background immersed in live performance; both with the renowned band Maudlin Strangers and as a solo act. No doubt there’s plenty more to look forward to in the months and years ahead.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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