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Jake Brantley Color Theory


Explosively colourful for its downpour of euphoric synths, layers and the relentless opening pace, Jake Brantley’s EP Color Theory goes on to weave an array of melodic, enchanting and intimate stories.

Emerald Coast introduces things, blending robotic vocals akin to the Owl City days, alongside a high-octane EDM rhythm that naturally juxtaposes the reflective, thoughtful and mellow nature of the vocal delivery.

All at once dreamy and intense, we’re off to a strong and artistic start – something Brantley continues to showcase throughout these four original tracks.

Softening the blow somewhat is Pomegranate Juice, equally scene-setting and contemplative of a memory and a significant other. Slowly but surely the EDM energy rises, offering a powerful downpour of gamer tones, kick drums and hi-hats for the mid-section, and an impressively recognizable main riff to bridge the gap between poetic lyrical musings.

This lyrical depth is highlighted all the more so for the title-piece Color Theory, a stripped-back introduction laying bare metaphors and images in a way that aptly takes the listener somewhere new. The evolving warmth and weight of the music reinforces that journey really well. An immersive and uplifting, evocative highlight, with a subtle yet again effective main hook that stays with you after listening.

Creatively we’re gifted a more ambient set of tones for the cinematic and skillful closing track Passerby. Long-form lyrics support a multi-layered array of sounds as Jake Brantley secures his uniquely thought-provoking and engaging role within the electro-indie scene of tomorrow. The lyrics here seem to connect in a fresh way, the voice more upfront within the quieter moments, the completed mix dropping in with power and presence for an again euphoric elevation of all that was presented.

Underlining way more qualities than a single listen can highlight, Color Theory bridges the gaps between artist and audience by way of everything from writing to performance and production. The emotion and ability combined make this a consistently rewarding listen, and quite timeless in its fusion of styles and sentiments.

Find Jake Brantley on YouTube, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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