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Jahsoul Way Back


Refreshingly raw yet devotedly passionate, Jahsoul impress with catchy hooks and gritty, authentic story-telling throughout the memorable single Way Back.

Right from the outset, the single introduces a live-style chorus of voices for an emotive hook, drawing you in for its strength of melody then later for its clear humanity in concept and honesty.

The nostalgic set-up will likely take the long-time hop hop fan way back, an added benefit of the aptly-titled journey that is this single.

Then we get the new sense of character imparted by each verse, the clarity of the mix and the overall timeless nature of the structure and set-up – all in all keeping things engaging every step of the way.

Bringing some much needed realness back to both the writing and musicality of hip hop, Jahsoul make fine use of clever, captivating and deeply moving bars, effective musicianship, and also the simple anthemic appeal of a passionate yet humble performance.

It’s a winning combination, appealing all the more so for its home-made vibe and the clear commitment of each rapper and artist in bringing the whole thing to life. Hopefully there’s plenty more music and live shows to follow.

Check out Jahsoul on YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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